How to Teach English Overseas

Okay, guys, I said I’d talk about this so I guess I better follow through!

Seriously, teaching English overseas is a great way to get you traveling to places you’d never see otherwise. And meeting folks you’d never meet otherwise.

Innocent Bash, a student when I met him in Tanzania twenty years ago, then sponsored for college in the U.S. At home with his wife Jennifer in Dar es Salaam. Inno was recently elected to the Tanzanian Parliament.

So here we go…

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What You Need to Know—Residency-wise—about Canada and Mexico

Hi. This is following up on my more general post about visas. And it’s going to be shorter because I’m focusing on only two countries—but with very different requirements.

An old postcard and where one of my students immigrated to.

It’s also geared for Americans, as Canada and Mexico are our most popular destinations. Though the residency information is the same for you other folks too.

But if you are a U.S. citizen, you may be thinking…

1. Gee, Canada seems really nice to people, not like the bread and circus show we have here. How do I apply for citizenship?

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