Taxes for Expats: 5 Essential Tips

As Trump and his billionaire cronies set about looting America, it may seem counter-intuitive to worry about paying your U.S. taxes.

In fact, you may not have to.

All over the world. These French union workers are protesting the end of the Wealth Tax, among other anti-labor measures.
Credit: Rebecca Martin

But it’s not as simple as that.

For one thing, you may want to collect social security. (Yes, social security is  still protected—unlike hundreds of other programs that’ll be cut  or eliminated entirely, thanks to the new tax bill.

So let’s take a look at how you, as an expat, can get what you’re due—and at your tax liabilities.

1) First, as an expat living overseas, do I have to pay U.S. taxes at all?

Yes, you do.

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Studying in France: 7 Steps to Getting Your Student Visa

Hi guys. Well, I finally did it. I got my long-stay student visa for France. I’ll be moving to Paris in September. (Yay!) I also have to tell you that getting your student visa should not take 7 steps. But I’ve got my false steps here to save you the grief.

Paris street artist JR made the Louvre Pyramid disappear, with these black-and-white photos installed on one façade of the pyramid.

Now first things first. If you’re from a country that France will let in as a tourist for 90 days and that’s the max you want to stay, you don’t need a student visa.

But if your intent is to study for longer, here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Determine if you can afford to study in France

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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Trump

Hello, friends. So you’re thinking about moving overseas?

I’m glad to hear it. And I hope I can help make your planet bigger. My goal here is to share with you as many ideas as I can to get you living as an expat.

That’s why you’ll find on this first post my 10 top ways for moving yourself abroad—and maybe staying there.

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