How To Be an Expat: Useful Links

The following are links that appear in my How-To posts—and a few that don’t.


Visa Requirements for United States Citizens
A chart with information about visas required for tourism in countries around the world. Lists all nations and includes the maximum length of stay in each.

The Henley & Partners Global Ranking of Passports
Henley & Partners ranks passports from all over the world, according to how many countries that passport let you enter visa-free or visa-on-arrival.

Studying Abroad

Best Global Universities
A site with lots of links, including: top universities, the advantages of studying overseas, how to pay for your education, where to get financial aid.

Go Overseas
A large resource with many aspects of studying and teaching abroad.

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?
A resource for free or low-cost study in EU countries, Argentina, India, and Taiwan.

Where to Invade Next
The clip from Michael Moore’s movie about studying in Slovenia

Traveling in Exchange for Room and Board

How to Become an Au Pair
Ashley Abroad’s tips

Au Pair World
Register on this site to find your opportunity

The Australian Work and Holiday Visa
Go to Australia for a year. Anyone who is 30 or younger can do this, but this is the official site for Americans.

New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa
Go to New Zealand for a year. Again, anyone 30 or younger can do this, but this link is for Americans.

Work part-time in exchange for accommodation. Opportunities are available for skilled and un-skilled workawayers in 155 countries.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Work part-time for accommodation on organic farms. Global locations.

Peace Corps
Currently active in over 60 countries.

Peace Corps Response
Where to go for information about short-term assignments with the Peace Corps.

7 Great Volunteer Abroad Programs For Grown-Ups
From their site: “Older travelers are increasingly leaving home to volunteer abroad, and making impacts in ways younger volunteers can’t.” (Some of these programs do charge an affordable amount.)

10 of the Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations
Your guide to travolunteering.

Teaching English Overseas

Dave’s ESL Cafe
The largest resource I know for job postings, teaching tips, stuff for teachers, stuff for students, stuff for everyone, and more.

International House
International English has language schools around the world and  also offers teaching-training courses and recruits teachers.

Transitions Abroad
Transitions Abroad is an excellent resource for all aspects of living overseas. This particular link lets you browse English teaching jobs internationally, as well as au pair positions, internships, volunteer opportunities and more.

World Comparison Chart for Teaching English Abroad
Compares teaching jobs around the world in 12 categories, including when to apply, how to apply, visas, salaries, and cost of living.

What’s the Difference Between a CELTA and TEFL?
Also the differences between TEFL, TESL, and TESOL.

A Step-By-Step Guide to TEFL Certifications
Walks you through all aspects of choosing a TEFL training course that’s right for you.

Other Overseas Employment Opportunities

Relief Web
Perhaps the largest humanitarian information source, Relief Web posts jobs and training opportunities, available in 4,777 organizations.

Another extensive job board site, for international development and consulting positions.

Seven Tips For Becoming An International Aid Worker
A Forbes article.

Get Rich in America by Leaving It: Or How to Become an Expat
The ebook about finding overseas jobs with a focus on engineering, construction, project management, other technical skills, and healthcare.

EU Blue Card Network
The EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit for non-EU nationals. If you are a skilled professional, register and post your CV for employers to view.

Working as an Entrepreneur

At Spain’s Door, a Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs
A New York Times article about becoming an entrepreneur in Spain.

Becoming an Entrepreneur in France
Paris Unraveled discusses the different types of entrepreneurial opportunities in France.

Countries Accepting Entrepreneurs
A beginning list including start-up costs.

Seeking Amnesty

Seeking Amnesty
The documentary by Darnell Walker about seeking amnesty in Europe.

Facts about Seeking Asylum in Australia
A short video that questions the Australian response to asylum-seekers.

How to Be Black and Live in Spain
Reuben Daniel Jr.’s ebook with instructions for American Blacks seeking asylum in Spain.

Citizenship through Ancestry

Europe Welcomes Political Refugees From Trump’s America
A Huffington Post article for Americans interested in seeking citizenship in EU countries in which you have ancestral roots.

Retiring Overseas

Cheapest Destination Blog
Where you can live more than three months on a tourist visa.

Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America
This ebook is a country-by-country guide, that covers taxes, healthcare, lifestyle, residency requirements, what you need to do to make a living or start a business—or retire overseas. Includes personal stories from expats around the globe.

The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget: How to Live Well on $25,000 a Year
Another ebook available on Amazon. Lots of details including the tip of prioritizing your needs.

4 Countries That Welcome American Retirees
With links to ebooks on buying real estate and investing overseas.

Ten Countries Where That Social Security Check Will Let You Retire in Style
Includes a cost-of-living estimate for each country.

Moving to Canada

Justlanded’s post about Canada posts information about moving to countries around the world, with info about everything legal, housing, healthcare and more. This particular link is an overview about gaining permanent residency in Canada.

Moving to Mexico

Mexico Visa and Residency Information
A 2016 Transitions Abroad post about visas for visitors, temporary residents and permanent residents interested in Mexico.

Yucatan Expatriate Services
Information about Mexican visas, shared on a discussion board.

How to Work Legally in Mexico
The Insider’s Guide to Obtaining a Visitor Visa for Work.