Visas: The Basic Info for Expats

Hello. Nice to see you again. Now here’s an important issue. Let’s say you’ve got a trip in mind. But you’re confused about the different sorts of visas you might need—for travel or even to live in a foreign country.

Well, it’s not that hard to understand. But let’s start with the easiest question first.

1.  Do I need a visa to travel as a tourist?

Yes, you do. Some of the time.

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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Trump

Hello, friends. So you’re thinking about moving overseas?

I’m glad to hear it. And I hope I can help make your planet bigger. My goal here is to share with you as many ideas as I can to get you living as an expat.

That’s why you’ll find on this first post my 10 top ways for moving yourself abroad—and maybe staying there.

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